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Client Assignment
A major manufacturing company wanted to encourage employee innovation and creativity. They asked each division of the company to come up with "Imagination Breakthroughs"—
ideas for new and innovative products, concepts or improvements. One of those divisions hired Headwaters to run a leadership development program for 15-20 "high potential" employees to help them develop their Imagination Breakthroughs in an organized and systematic fashion, as well as to develop general strategic leadership capabilities.

Strategies and Approaches
Headwaters developed a customized, year-long program to develop this group into "growth generation leaders." We ran classes in systems thinking, communication skills, MissionCritical Teaming, LeadingChange, and principles of innovation. Using an internal company-developed tool, as well as the TeamInsight Performance Profile, Headwaters conducted pre- and post-assessments to measure growth and results. We also brought in professional coaches to help participants master communication, problem solving, relationship building and continuous learning skills.

The group presented four Imagination Breakthroughs to the leadership team of the company, and aspects of all of them currently are being developed. Two members of the first class were promoted to the leadership team and nine others have had significant promotions and increases in responsibility. Individuals improved significantly on the characteristics of great team leaders based on TeamInsight data, and teams improved on all but one of the characteristics of high performance teams.