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Client Assignment
The new leader of a global banking group at a major investment firm was faced with the challenge of transforming the culture and structure of an organization that had been dispirited after reorganizations and disappointing results. Faced with a new team of corporate executives with high expectations, he hired Headwaters to provide education and coaching for his executive team members, who each would be responsible for sponsoring substantial change within their own departments, as well as across the banking group.

Strategies and Approaches
Headwaters employed the use of our three-phase LeadingChange process to interview key individuals, plan an appropriate curriculum designed to address specific company needs, and conduct a day-long individual and team coaching session. Our goal was to frame leadership success in such a way that participants could see how their actions as effective sponsors of change would lead, ultimately, to meeting group and corporate goals.

By the end of the program, participants had developed specific, detailed plans to address their personal and collective change leadership weaknesses. They were better able to create and implement solutions to transformational problems and had learned the critical leadership skills that would get results and see the process through to the end.