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Client Assignment
Headwaters was asked by the CEO of a major European oil company to help coach the executive team in their quest to become the largest, most profitable and influential company in Europe. Team members, who led divisions from many European countries, had been accustomed to operating autonomously and independently, separated not just by function, but by geography and the cultures of their home countries. They had not been encouraged to develop inter-division teamwork or communication.

Strategies and Approaches
Headwaters worked collaboratively with the internal lead change manager to design a two-step strategy. The first step was to design and facilitate quarterly strategic meetings in various locations around Europe to help improve inter-division change processes, work on specific strategic goals and to think and act strategically as a team. The second step was to help the team create its own set of desired leadership behaviors and values and to assess how team members fared in comparison to those behaviors. We then coached each participant on how to improve in weak areas and use their strengths more effectively.

After two years, the team was functioning at such a high strategic level and communication and alignment of all divisions was so much improved that Headwaters felt its services were no longer needed. The role of team coach was transferred to internal staff.