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Client Assignment
The president a large physician practice management group had recently brought the financially failing company into the black. In order to sustain continued growth, reduce staff turnover and ensure long-term performance, however, he recognized that the existing corporate culture of top-down decision making, divisional autonomy, and internal competition had to change. He hired Headwaters to lead the effort to create an employee environment that fostered mission-based collaborative decision making at all levels of the enterprise.

Strategies and Approaches
Headwaters worked closely with the leadership team to design and implement a three-phase process:
  • Phase I involved working with the top physician and administrative team to collectively define the company’s mission, including its purpose and core values. Using our TeamInsight Performance Profile instrument, we also gauged the team’s strengths, identified areas of improvement, assessed individual’s skills as effective team members, reviewed feedback individually with a Headwaters coach, and created action plans for performance improvement.
  • During Phase II, the leadership team (with Headwaters guidance) rolled out the company mission and sought the buy-in and commitment from staff to implement the vision and "live the values," which were focused on patient-centered care.
  • Phase III then built on this commitment and engaged all levels of the organization in a continuous work process improvement initiative that targeted specific work processes and systems for greater efficiency and effectiveness.
Continually throughout this process, we worked with the team to help them understand the power of collaboration and the value of teams.

Over a two-year period, strategic alignment was achieved and the company continued to work on team and interpersonal skills, creating better results and performance, both as individuals and as a company.
  • The company’s market share rose 7 percent, revenues increased 50 percent, and operational costs were significantly reduced.
  • Physician turnover was halved; employee turnover dropped from 18 to 12 percent (over three years).
  • Employees across the board reported greater job satisfaction, more energy, a stronger commitment and better communication.