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Leadership is a learned skill. Even "born leaders" need training. Headwaters develops leaders in any industry by providing customized programs that usually involve 15-25 participants considered by the organization to be "high potentials" for leadership excellence. Our GrowingLeaders process typically involves five steps:
  1. Identify the skills, behaviors and values the company wants its people to demonstrate;
  2. Design program modules around those characteristics;
  3. Coordinate all program workshops, which may include hiring outside expert faculty and customizing Headwaters’ training modules such as MissionCritical Teaming and LeadingChange
  4. Facilitating the regularly scheduled meetings (e.g. one day per month for a year)
  5. Providing ongoing evaluation and redesign as needed.
Program components usually include:
  • Use of various assessment instruments which give feedback on the participants’ skill levels and behaviors.
  • One-on-one coaching to build strengths and address weaknesses. Ideally, coaching is done over the entire length of the program. We have found it to be one of the highest ranking "return on investment" aspects of our GrowingLeaders program.
  • Creating action learning projects related to the subject matter being taught, e.g., developing a new product idea when the subject is innovation.
  • Alumni events linking all of the learning together, often presented by world-class leadership development experts.
Our Commitment: Headwaters will develop your high potentials to embody the leadership skills, characteristics, behaviors and values that define excellence in your company.