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Through the extensive experience of the Headwaters team, we have developed five service offerings. These offerings can be effectively implemented independently or they can work synergistically as integrated elements of a customized program.

LivingStrategies Planning
Through collaboration and participation, we help organizations create a strategic plan that aligns with their mission, vision and values. Our planning process creates a deeper understanding of relationships in both the internal and external world. We also offer scenario planning, either alone or as a part of strategic planning, to create stories of possible futures for the organization. This process broadens the thinking and understanding of participants and results in more innovative and robust strategic plans. Once developed, the plan stays in a mode of evolution, proactively taking in the newest data available. Genuine ownership of the strategic plan is created among employees while strategic and systemic thinking is developed.

MissionCritical Teaming
The most effective and proven way to reach goals, make better, faster decisions, lower costs and raise productivity is to create mission-critical teams. The next most effective way is to support those teams.

With our MissionCritical Teaming, we help company teams understand their mission-based objectives, improve performance, build the competencies found only in the best teams, and focus the teams’ mental, physical and emotional energies on team goals.

According to Business Intelligence, "Seven out of ten change efforts that are critical to organizational success fail to achieve their intended results." Research reveals that, almost invariably, change fails because of issues related to people: underestimating the resistance to or challenges of change by employees, poor leadership, misalignment of change with behavioral norms or organizational culture, or trying to implement too many changes at once. Using RapidChange, Headwaters helps clients implement change by assessing change risks and planning for their mitigation. We also build the leadership skills that are essential for implementation.

Personal effectiveness leads to organizational effectiveness. In support of our other programs, Headwaters’ specialized coaching process uses highly skilled executive coaches in partnership with team members. This coaching raises the awareness of team members of the impact their behavior has on others, helps them make informed choices about behaviors they need to change and, most important, helps them learn how to change those behaviors.

Building leaders should be a critical function of every company. Whether the goal is increasing productivity, improving the bottom line, reorganizing a division, launching a new process or succession planning, leadership skills must be developed consistently, both operationally and strategically. Using a full range of curricula and assessments, Headwaters helps companies design, deliver and maintain effective leadership development programs that get results.