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Betty Plevney is a graphic facilitator who uses her skills in deep listening, information synthesis and intuitive visual processing to make group conversation visible. The real-time visual meeting records that she creates are designed to optimize group learning and productivity. They illuminate collective wisdom, create understanding between multiple, contradictory and complex data, acknowledge individual contributions by reflecting what is being voiced by each person, and build commitment through active participation in meeting processes.

Betty has worked as a facilitator and meeting process design partner on the Philip Morris USA Reinventing Manufacturing change initiative aimed at creating a comprehensive production system focused on purposeful work, customer value and the elimination of waste. She has worked with Intel Corporation’s Assembly Test Manufacturing and Flash Products Group to deepen senior managers’ strategic thinking processes through the use of scenario planning techniques.

After eight years of an early career in operations management, Betty founded AgResources International and began working with food and beverage companies to develop effective internal marketing and communications systems. She worked successfully with 14 international companies to develop global marketing plans and conduct program training, workflow planning and work process redesign.

Betty lives in the Russian River Valley wine country of Northern California where she and her partner, Lee, are enthusiastically remodeling their home and garden. Betty holds a BA and MBA from The Ohio State University and an MA in writing from the University of San Francisco. She is certified in group facilitation.