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Gruffie Clough is a coach, trainer, facilitator and speaker committed to building high performance teams and facilitative leaders. She works in the areas of leadership and organizational development for national and international organizations in the public and private sectors. Her work takes her to Europe, East Africa, Sri Lanka, Siberia, Mongolia, Vietnam, Nepal, Tibet, South America and throughout the United States, where she has worked in corporate, government and adventure settings with dynamic teams who accomplished unique goals.

Gruffie has designed and facilitated multiple change initiatives, including General Electric’s Work-Out and Change Acceleration programs. She served as a business coach and faculty member for General Motor’s change management strategies and conducted process improvement and change initiatives for GM businesses around the world. She also has worked in Australia with Telstra’s Work-Out and Change Acceleration programs and on similar programs in the U.S. with Cardinal Health. Gruffie has an ongoing relationship with cities, counties and communities that are involved in collaborative programs that involve business, non-profit, government and citizen participation. She served as project director for a private, non-profit organization called "Lalmba," creating a community development and health project on the shores of Lake Victoria in Kenya and developed feeding programs for refugees in the Sudan.

Gruffie is an avid outdoorswoman and adventurer. She has guided 12 expeditions to Tanzania’s Mt. Kilimanjaro. For six years she has been a consultant to World Team Sports, an organization that sponsors extraordinary adventures for disabled athletes.

Gruffie received her B.A. from the University of Northern Colorado and her master’s degree from the University of Colorado. She is a co-author of Trendbenders: Building Vital Communities and of "Facilitating Community Partnerships," a community change model and training guide used to increase teams’ interaction, problem-solving and decision-making skills.