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Scott McLeod began his career in leadership and organizational development as a human relations facilitator, where he learned the critical skills of listening, dialogue, and fostering growth from difficult circumstances. Since then, he has taken his powerful facilitation and put it to use helping organizations implement solutions to their toughest problems. His core strength lies in working with clients to be the catalyst of their own development, using organizational experience and knowledge to build sustainable changes.

In the last year, Scott has focused a great deal of attention on the nonprofit sector, both local nonprofits in his home town of Salt Lake City, as well as with international NGOs in Uganda and Tanzania. Through this, he has had the opportunity to work in an array of fields such as social, political, environmental, and child well-being and development. Most recently, Scott returned to the private sector assisting Ikaria Pharmaceutical with leadership development and executive coaching. A component of this work was the powerful TeamInsight diagnostic tool which allows teams and their leaders to consider objective measures of their performance as well as discover exactly where they can improve.

Early in his career, Scott worked as a facilitator in human relations. Here, he worked with schools, police departments, businesses, and the Utah State Office of Education to address their most challenging human relations issues. In so doing, he acquired a highly tuned sense of "reading the room" and learned to foster authentic communication when it matters most. This skill has come to serve him well while working with organizations in conflict to turn turmoil into growth and opportunity.

Scott is an avid outdoors-man, with a particular love for rock-climbing and back country skiing. His accomplishments include multi-day ascents of walls in Yosemite, volcanoes in South America, spires in southern Utah, and peaks in the Alps. These accents have taken him on a journey of self-discovery and growth, as he uses them to push himself both physically and mentally. Most recently, he has begun a new phase of enjoying the outdoors with his son, Desmond.

Scott holds a B.A. from Middlebury College in Vermont and a Masters in Public Policy from the University of Utah. As part of his commitment to connecting with people and the broader world, Scott speaks three foreign languages: French, Spanish, and Kiswahili.