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As the Headwaters team, we commit to these values to guide our decisions and behaviors:

Delighting our Customers
We serve our clients and their businesses by understanding and anticipating their needs and responding with superior services that help them achieve professional and personal goals. We deliver on promises, respect confidentiality, and build enduring customer relationships.

Respect and Integrity
We demonstrate the highest level of honest and ethical behavior. We tell the truth, treat others with dignity and consideration, demonstrate courtesy, value contributions from diverse individuals, and respect the right to differ. Our communications are straightforward, open and objective, and based upon mutually agreed expectations.

We consistently look for ways to improve performance through teamwork and to develop a collaborative climate among ourselves and with our clients. We use collaborative decision making and problem solving processes when appropriate and share beliefs, information, feedback and credit.

Mutual Accountability
We keep our promises, admit our mistakes, and are accountable for both individual and team commitments and performance. We strive to model and walk our talk and embrace appropriate responsibility. We endeavor to surface and address issues that are hindering our performance as a team or hurting a team member.

Creativity and Innovation
We are willing to challenge conventional ways of doing things by taking risks and trying out new ideas. We have a sense of urgency and excitement and thrive in an environment of change and challenge. We devote time, effort and resources and act boldly to create opportunities and to encourage innovation through creativity.

Personal Development
We strive to maximize the personal and professional potential of each member of our team. We commit to developing an environment for learning and a structure for training and coaching. We endeavor to attain balance between workload demands, health and well being. We strive for the highest quality of connectedness and interpersonal relationships.