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Successful organizational change ultimately depends on the individuals who make up the company. Unless individual growth and development occur concurrently with organizational change, unproductive embedded behaviors will continue to thrive and undermine progress.

PartnershipCoaching is all about learning new behaviors. It is not about changing who people are. It is a specialized coaching process using highly skilled executive coaches whose mission is to develop more effective leaders or team members.

Headwaters coaching impacts people by:
  • Raising their awareness of the effect their personal leadership and behaviors have on others
  • Helping them make informed choices about behaviors they wish to change
  • Supporting them in changing those behaviors
  • Deepening their individual learning, leading to more powerful and results-oriented interactions with their peers.
Steps in a typical Headwaters PartnershipCoaching process include:
  • Developing a "contract" between the coach and the individual to obtain clarity about roles, scope and outcomes
  • Assessment using research-based diagnostic tools to identify each individual’s developmental gaps and growth opportunities
  • Developmental planning to determine what behaviors to change, processes to use in making these changes, and mentors who can support the change
  • Coaching "to the plan" over a period of time to help the individual set and achieve milestones, overcome barriers and monitor progress
  • Reassessment by peers, leaders and subordinates to determine if gaps have been bridged
  • Closure to complete the coaching relationship.
Our commitment: Because our seasoned professional coaches truly understand how behavioral change is realized, we will make it happen. This is the reason Headwaters recommends the inclusion of individual coaching as a critical component of our other processes.