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Every organization, no matter how successful, finds itself in situations where immediate change is required. Often this change is a result of progress; sometimes it is because of previously unrecognized inefficiencies. Using one or more of the components of RapidChange, Headwaters is able to help clients simplify processes to generate efficiencies and improve productivity, implement large-scale organizational or systems change and develop leadership staff ability to build environments that are open to change.

To achieve these results, Headwaters has built RapidChange around three time-proven programs, which can be employed individually or as parts of a custom-designed program:

  1. BreakThrough—Generating Solutions
  2. RealChange—Implementing Solutions
  3. LeadingChange—Building Change Champions

1. BreakThrough—Generating Solutions
BreakThrough is all about taking existing inefficient, ineffective work and/or bureaucratic processes and improving them with fast and flawless implementation while producing significant cost savings and meeting other corporate goals.

BreakThrough focuses on helping "hands-on," cross-functional teams, composed of people who are close to the actual work, identify ways of substantially simplifying processes and eliminating bureaucracy. At the end of the BreakThrough process, empowered decision makers make "go" or "no go" decisions based on the teams’ recommendations. To reach this goal, Headwaters uses five basic steps:
  • Identify a planning team to define the problem.
  • Bring together representatives involved in the problem area for a highly structured and carefully crafted 1- to 3-day workshop.
  • Lead the teams in analyzing current processes and recommending changes that should be implemented in order to quickly bring about improvements.
  • Create a detailed plan for change.
  • Empower the teams to make their recommendations directly to the decision makers who can authorize execution using state-of-the-art processes to ensure rapid results.

2. RealChange—Implementing Solutions
We have found that most organizations are not lacking in good ideas. Rather, the problem more often than not is in flawed execution. Our RealChange practice is especially effective when:
  • executing change involves large numbers of people in many locations;
  • dealing with organizations in which resistance to change is high; and
  • working with organizations for whom cost saving potential—or the cost of not changing—is high.
RealChange certifies employees as official "change agents" upon whom the organization can rely to build internal implementation capacity and to improve its ability to execute complex, large-scale changes. Using tools and methodology available through changefirst˘, a UK-based company*, we teach the necessary knowledge, skills and processes to help employees proactively implement and manage strategic initiatives, such as mergers, outsourcing, restructuring, quality/service improvements and new hardware/software installations and cultural change. We also provide direct implementation consulting services using the changefirst framework. We can act as change agent practitioners and/or provide ongoing coaching support to continuously broaden internal change agents’ skills and empower them to serve as real leaders of change.

* Headwaters Leadership Group represents changefirst, Ltd. (UK) in the United States and Canada.

3. LeadingChange—Building Change Champions
The focus of LeadingChange is on educating and supporting leaders and executives in organizations on the roles and responsibilities of being good leaders in times of turbulent change, particularly in organizations where change is needed across cultural and national borders. We help train leaders to be both sophisticated "buyers" of change and then responsible "owners" and champions of the changes authorized. Our training program focuses on both individual and company assessments. We assess the company’s history of leadership success/failure and its collective implementation skills. For individual leaders, we address their adaptability and skills in moving people away from the status quo.

Typically, we use a three-phase training program that includes:
  1. Assessments and interviews of organizational leaders;
  2. A customized, one to three-day training session that identifies and addresses change management weaknesses; and
  3. Ongoing support through individual or team coaching and/or team facilitation.

Our commitment: Through RapidChange, Headwaters helps you discover solutions to key organizational problems and build the organization’s capacity to quickly and effectively implement change.